The Benefits of Small Class Sizes

Small class sizes ensure low teacher-student ratio and allows for constructive social interaction among children. Students are encouraged to be creative, imaginative and expressive through music!

Dedicated Teachers

MYC teachers are dedicated, knowledgeable and hands on. All of the materials are designed to make learning fun and allow for a variety of activities to keep students engaged, focused and motivated.

Building Confidence Through Learning

Children build confidence and self esteem as they learn in small, age appropriate groups. Sunbeams students feel encouraged in the open and child-centered environment that makes learning fun!

Parents: An Integral Part of MYC

Parents are an integral part of an MYC music class – children bond with their parents as they work together to learn the fundamentals of music.

See what an MYC class is all about!

Children and parents develop a firm, fundamental understanding of music through group keyboard lessons that include singing, rhythm, theory and more. MYC’s interactive system makes learning an engaging, enriching and positive experience!